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At first, RoomeR has a slightly sweet taste with a hint of Rivesaltes fortified wine, which is soon followed by a pleasant explosion of blossom aromas. The second stage unfolds with a hint of nutmeg and an extremely nuanced acidity that gets all of the taste buds working. The third stage gives way to vermouth tones that provide a dry, yet full-bodied aftertaste.


RoomeR is a small, Ghent-based company that was set up in 2004. We consciously choose sustainable ways of doing business. We invest in people instead of machines. Bottling takes place in collaboration with a social workshop. RoomeR stands for working procedures that care for people and the environment and emphasise quality. 


We grow our elderflowers in an environmentally friendly way and with a vision for the landscape. RoomeR is pure and natural: we do not use any preservatives, flavourings or colouring agents. We use eco-friendly packaging and transport.


RoomeR is a delicious and fair aperitif that is made using elderflower and a mix of secret herbs. RoomeR is made using traditional methods, paying attention to the quality and the smallest of details. The elderflower is added to each bottle by hand, using tweezers. 



Our product range includes a standard 50 cl bottle, as well as 20 cl bottles that are mainly used in gift hampers. Our gift-wrapping is original and stylish. RoomeR is best served in our accompanying RoomeR glasses.


1 bottle + 2 glasses


1 bottle + 2 glasses


2 bottles + 2 glasses


coupe fleur



1 bottle + 2 tonics

1 bottle RoomeR 

+ 1 bottle bubbles

three times roomer in the mix

coupe fleur

½ RoomeR

+ ½ cava

roomer tonic

½ RoomeR

+ ½ tonic

+ a slice of green apple

roomer vodka

½ RoomeR

+ ½ vodka

+ lemon zest


Krevelstraat 2 bus 001

9000 Gent


+32 (0)9 223 81 83 

+32 (0)497 71 40 48

RoomeR bvba 

btw be 0869 466 626

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